The first glass sperms

My first sperm designed for glass was made at the Skansen -open-air - museum in Stockholm 1986 as a gift to Lars Björndahl defending his thesis. In 2015, I went in to Kastlösa Glashytta ( glassworks) on the Swedish island Öland in the Baltic Sea. I met the glass-artist Poul Jörgensen who at 12 years of age started his career as glassblower at the Danske Porslinsfabrik in Copenhagen, Denmark followed by Kosta Orrefors in Sweden.

I asked Poul “Can we do glass sperm ?” and he said yes. Four hours later we had 8 huge, 60 cm long Crystal Sperm with Blue Nucleus
(magnification x 10 000!).

The Crystal sperm, with blue nucleus was namned the ANOVA CLASSIC CRYSTAL SPERM. That was the beginning of something big for us.

Exhibitions and stories

I spend a lot of time lecturing about sperms, eggs and life and I think that it is very important to spread knowledge. Therefore I have started with exhibitions where I tell stories about my work as a fertility scientist. I recently had a month-long exhibition in Trosa, Sweden about the work I do here at ZincZperm and the message I try to convey. I try my best to tell about the greatness and mystery of life, God's part in it, and my perspective on it. The glass sperms and eggs that I and Paul create together is my way of expressing the beauty of life and that we should honor it more often. Please contact me if you have a similar project that I could contribute to.

My background in biology

I started to study medicine at the Karolinska Institutet 1968. In 1970 I became tutor for younger students at the Department of Physiology and went into sperm and fertility research at the Rune Eliasson Laboratory. Rune Eliasson was then one of the authors of the WHO manual On semen analysis to come. The legacy to study and teach sperm physiology is now forwarded and 52 years later, 2020, a research student of mine, Lars Björndahl is the chief-editor for the new WHO-manual On semen Examination, to come. In April 2020 a common doctorand to Lars and and me, Emma Holmes defended her thesis on a ZOOM- event: On Osmolality and Sperm Function During Processing for assisted Reproduction where Emma summarizes knowledge from 1856 into a new paradigm for treatment of infertility for the 2020-ies.

My research focus is still on the sperm nucleus that carries the genetic legacy from the grand-parents to future generations to be. In the 1980's I shared this interest with the Swedish photographer Lennart Nilsson whom I had the opportunity to work with preparing spermatozoa during some 15 years for his books, films and some pictures. Another common doctorand Petr Houska will further explore and reveal these mysteries in the sperm nucleus in his thesis to come.


ANOVA is a world famous Research unit at the Karolinska Institutet and a Clinic at the Karolinska University Hospital, Stockhlm, Sweden and deals with Andrology, Sexual medicine and Transgender medicine.

I worked as lecturer in andrology , and associated professor in physiology and as Head of Andrology Laboratory, ANOVA , Karolinska University Hospital & Karolinska Institutet 1992-2012.
At the Karolinska I had the opportunity to lecture and introduce doctors to be into the field of male reproduction and sexual medicine for 50 years.

Nowadays, I feel obliged to tell in public and in churches about the commonly unknown processes that results in creation of healthy and fertile human beings. How “Gods creation” is effectuated when it comes to biology. The creation of a fertile woman being the default way and the creation of a fertile man preferring women being an individual experiment of nature for every man born.

I reason, with the insight that you are the one you became, tolerance and acceptance in society and churches will grow.

Ulrik Kvist
CEO Zinkbryggan AB

Tel: +46 72 965 50 75

Design by sperm researcher Ulrik Kvist,
ANOVA Karolinska University Hospital contact:

The glass artist is Poul Jörgensen at Kastlösa Glashytta in Öland, Sweden